CNB project was launched worldwide , the new generation of digital currency public chain project, run like a dark horse

On April 1, 2019, CNB global wealth group and ICB technology group co., ltd. jointly created a landing public chain -- IF industrial and financial chain. This chain is the first trading platform and e-commerce platform dual-chain parallel, three-coin dual-acceleration model, not only integrated the advantages of all projects in the current market, but also solve the problem that other projects can not solve. It promotes the integration efficiency of industry and capital, and makes the circulation of products, capital and services more efficient. It connects the digital world with the real business world, solves the two pain points of financing difficulty and sales difficulty for enterprises, and is committed to building a green circular economy with the block chain technology.

The project will be implemented online and offline, with AI intelligent mining machine and cooperation with the bank of Singapore. In addition, the project has four major transformation exports of tokens:

CNB, the global mainstream digital currency, will be issued in this project. The total amount of CNB, the global mainstream digital currency, will be issued in a limited amount. The issue price will be $0.018, and it will never be issued. 70%CNB minutes 24 months release dug up, 30% minutes 8 months release dug up, the number of transactions in circulation in the market is small, the number of members is large, in short supply, the opening price will certainly continue to rise, is expected to become the global market value of the top 100 mainstream digital currency.

This CNB project was launched globally, which received attention and key reports from 200 digital currency media around the world, and was highly recognized by partners of Huobi exchange platform and featured reports by authoritative media of coindesk in the United States. The new generation of digital currency public chain project, just like a dark horse began to run, 2019 the next one worth hundreds of thousands of times is on the way.