Press release for 2019 LMT LAB DAY

HeyGears is a technically innovative company focused on 3D printing applications and digital intelligent manufacturing technology. The company was founded in Guangzhou 2015, by a talented group of young men from the School of Engineering of the U.S. Public Ivy UIUC. Since founded, HeyGears has been dedicated to providing the cutting edge digital dental solutions for dental labs in China and the U.S.

HeyGears introduced UltraCraft series 3D printer in 2017 and launched Ultra-Net printer management system and Ultra-Hub cloud data management center in the following year.

As one of the innovators in this sector, HeyGears attended the LMT LAB DAY in early 2019, here is the recap.

During the show, HeyGears showcased the full spectrum of digital dental solutions empowered by 3D printing, from intraoral scan data collection to post-processing. HeyGears goal is to provide full support for dental labs and clinics when it comes to adapting the 3D printing technology and achieving maximum efficiency.

HeyGears demonstrated two 3D printers at the show. UltraCraft A2 and UltraCraft D-OS. Both printers are designed and manufactured by HeyGears.

The A2 is an industrial-grade DLP 3D printer, the printed parts are within 50 microns for more than 80%. The A2 printer can satisfy printing demands that require high accuracy and smooth surface, with fast post-process.

The D-OS, on the other hand, is a smart desktop 3D printer with industrial-grade DLP printing capability. This printer can allow dental clinics and smaller labs to produce low volume, high accuracy dental models.

Most importantly, HeyGears is the first company to cooperative with Alibaba Cloud AI in the 3D printing industry.

By using the artificial Intelligence algorithm, HeyGears is able to optimize the 3D printing process, increase accuracy and speed at the same time, resulting in shorter printing time by 40%.

3D printers aside, HeyGears also presented 9 types of medical-grade dental resins at the show. These resins can cover nearly 70% of dental implantation, restoration, and orthodontic needs.

In conclusion, HeyGears is a first-time participant in the LMT LAB DAY show, it aroused great interest of the professional community and brought positive sentiment into 3D printing and dental industry.