Press release for 2019 LMT LAB DAY

​HeyGears is a technically innovative company focused on 3D printing applications and digital intelligent manufacturing technology. The company was founded in Guangzhou 2015, by a talented group of young men from the School of Engineering of the U.S. Public Ivy UIUC. Since founded, HeyGears has been dedicated to providing the cutting edge digital dental solutions for dental labs in China and the U


软文发布【海讯社】的优势有很多,具体如下:  一、成本较低。 费用一般不会超过硬广告的5%。 二、消费者更容易接受。 软文可以向公众解释真实可靠的事件,因此消费者更容易接受和信任。

Everyone is Invited to Celebrate Pride Month at the 20th Annual Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors Parade and Festival

WILTON MANORS, Fla., April 19, 2019 /haixunshe/​ -- In celebration of pride, equality, and inclusion approximately 40,000 individuals from across the state, nation, and world will come together on Saturday, June 15, 2019 for the 20th Annual Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors parade and festival. Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and elected officials are all invited to participate in support and cel

CNB project was launched worldwide , the new generation of digital currency public chain project, run like a dark horse

On April 1, 2019, CNB global wealth group and ICB technology group co., ltd. jointly created a landing public chain -- IF industrial and financial chain. This chain is the first trading platform and e-commerce platform dual-chain parallel, three-coin dual-acceleration model, not only integrated the advantages of all projects in the current market, but also solve the problem that other projects can

Hytera Launches P-LTE MCS Solution at MWC Barcelona 2019

(Barcelona, Spain – February 25, 2019) Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (Hytera), a leading global provider of innovative Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications solutions, is unveiling today its P-LTE Mission Critical Services (MCS) solution at the Mobile World Conference 2019 (MWC 2019) held in Barcelona, Spain.

当你走进CASA BIJOUX 的时候,将走近全世界了



在2019 年 3月10日-12日,由中国(广州)国际美博会、中华全国工商业联合会美容化妆品业商会皮肤管理教育专业委员会、亚洲皮肤美容协会以及中国国际皮肤管理大赛组织委员会联合举办的第七届中国国际皮肤管理大赛在广州圆满落幕。本次大赛以“致美青春梦”为主题,旨在为“美业追梦人”打造更具中国特色的美业皮肤管理大赛,推动民族美业的的蓬勃发展。

cosmetics matches skin perfectly in French style

Abstract: Yinrrytung, a popular cosmetics brand born in Paris, takes "make up in French style" as its brand concept. Integrating top research and development technology and the most cutting-edge fashion essence, Yinrrytung has made itself a fashionable color trend pioneer. The brand is devoted to makeup-and-skincare combination, maximizing the features of romance, confidence, sexiness, attractiven



CYCJET Pharmacy traceability inkjet printing system

Abstract: Medicine is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and life and health must be regulated by the most stringent standards. Therefore, it is also reasonable for the enterprise to be the main responsible party to be required to establish a drug information traceability system to ensure product safety. The traceability of medical products is essentially a collection of “one

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